Liaisons and Advisory Members

Additional Liaison, City Council Liaison, and School Committee Liaison Assignments

Additional Liaisons

Sick Bank - Melissa Joy Teixeira Prince and Kathleen Clancy 

Gloucester Education Foundation - Kathleen Clancy

Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Assoc. - Jonathan Pope

Information Technology - Laura Wiessen

State House/Legislative - Kathleen Clancy

Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical High School - Melissa Joy Teixeira Prince

Business Education Collaborative - Jonathan Pope

Healthy Lifestyles/Wellness Committee - Kathleen Clancy

Mass. School Building Authority - Jonathan Pope

Youth Initiatives/Teen Mentoring - Samantha V. Watson

Special Education Parent Advisory Council - Jonathan Pope

CASE Study w/Rockport - Joel Favazza and Kathleen Clancy

City Council Liaison Assignments

Steven LaBlanc President/Jonathan Pope

Valerie Gilman - Vice President/Melissa Joy Teixeira Prince

Melissa Cox - Kathleen Clancy

Jen Holmgren - Joel Favazza

John McCarthy - Kathleen Clancy

James O'Hara - Jonathan Pope

Scott Memhard - Laura Wiessen

Barrett Pett/Samantha V. Watson

Sean Nolan/Melissa Joy Teixeira Prince

School Committee Liaisons

Gloucester High School Kathleen Clancy and Joel Favazza

O'Maley Innovation Middle School - Melissa Joy Teixeira Prince and Samantha V. Watson

Plum Cove Elementary School - Laura Wiessen

Beeman Memorial Elementary School- Joel Favazza and Laura Wiessen

East Gloucester Elementary School - Jonathan Pope

Veterans' Memorial Elementary School - Jonathan Pope

West Parish Elementary School/Samantha V. Watson